Photo Video Montage

A Tribute of Love

The loss of loved ones is never easy. They meant so much to us. More and more families are turning to the Photo Video Montage as a meaningful way of paying tribute to their loved ones. Showcase their achievements. Collect your photos. Give your friends, family and acquaintances a tender look at the life of a special person. What a beautiful expression of love! Photo Video Montage can be played during visitation, memorial services, and in gatherings in church halls and homes following services. It depends on your customs, your wishes. You will treasure a "Tribute of Love" forever.

Gift Idea

We can put your favorite snapshots on video. Just give us your favorite photos - we will add music, graphics and titles. How often have you agonized over finding the perfect gift for someone? The Photo Montage is the answer. Give them for Christmas and Birthday presents. Impress your sweetheart with a tender video for Valentine's Day. Imagine your mother on Mother's Day if she had a Photo Montage featuring her children and grandchildren through the years. She'll love it!

Video Isn't Expensive....It's Priceless!

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