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Digital Video Depositions

Depositions are conducted by professionally attired Legal Video Specialists following the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Our staff is certified using the National Court Reporter Association (NCRA) Standards for Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS).

Digital recording produces a superior, more effective video. Individual lavaliere microphones with a professional microphone mixer ensure quality audio. A portable backdrop eliminates distracting backgrounds and provides a neutral setting when required. Continuous date/time/seconds is imprinted on the video.

Bottom line - the most professional people and best equipment guarantee you’ll have no worries on each and every video deposition.

Minimum includes travel within 50 mile radius from office

  * First 2 hours (Minimum) - $295
  * Each additional hour - $95 (pro-rated each 1/2 hour)
  * Weekends, holidays and nights (after 7:00 PM) - Time and a half
  * Cancellations: After departure from studio - $50... After arrival and set-up - $125

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